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[112] Understanding the redox reaction mechanism of vanadium electrolytes in all-vanadium redox flow batteries, C. Choi, H. Noh, S. Kim, R. Kim, J. Lee, J. Heo, H.-T. Kim*, submitted

[111] Catalytic Performance of Graphene Quantum Dot Supported Manganese Phthalocyanine for Efficient Oxygen Reduction: A DFT+U Approach, N.  Pham, J. S. Park, H.-T.  Kim, S. G.  Kang, S.G. Lee*, submitted

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[109] In-situ observeation of the degradation of all-vanadium redox flow batteries with dynamic hydrogen reference electrode under real operation condition, C. Choi, S. Kim, R. Kim, J. Lee, J. Heo, H.-T. Kim*, submitted

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Before Joining KAIST

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